characters that are incredibly loyal [pained noises] characters that are incredibly loyal to the point that that loyalty leads to their downfall [pained noises increase in volume and amount]

I once dated a girl who didn’t like the dimples at the bottom of her spine, and that was my favorite part of her

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Zac greeting fans outside BBC Radio 1 Studio, April 24.


Oh yeah! Forgot to post it, but this was the art I did for the Executive Staff badges at Bite Con!



Some of my snapchats~

have you thought of capitalising on your skills


Throw your hands up! Stick your claws out!

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fill so your followers can get to know you

1. state your name: nadia
2. state the name that your parents almost named you: severin (my brothers are nicolai and frederik and this dude in denmark who wrote all the hymns is named NFS grundtvig.. luckily my dad was is love with nadia comaneci as a boy and i turned out to be a girl)
3. which of your relatives do you get along with the most? mum&brothers
4. what was your first job? i had a paper route and i cleaned stairways

5. did anything embarrassing happen this week? idk i ran in public and hurt my foot?
6. do you miss your ex? sorta just as a friend tho
7. white chocolate or dark chocolate? dark!! white chocolate is gross
8. do people praise you for your looks? only my friends
9. what is your favorite color of clothing to wear? black or orange
10. how do you wear your makeup? on normal days i don’t.. parties either dramatic eyes or dramatic lips
11. what are some of your nicknames? don’t really have one.. my family calls me things like princess and other endearments.
12. how many bedrooms are in your house? 3
13. how many bathrooms? one
15. do you have a car? no
16. do you work out every week? yes 2-3 times
17. did you brush your teeth this morning? no
18. have you ever kissed someone you never saw again? technically yes
19. have you ever sung in front of a crowd? yes
20. what kind of bathing suit do you wear? don’t think i have one currently
21. do you like your eyes? yes i do
22. do you think you are pretty? not really
23. who was the last person you talked to in person? just talked to the person next to me
24. how much money in your bank account? 16500 danish so around 1650£
25. are you single? yes
26. do you want kids? possibly
27. tell me what your backpack looks like: it’s black and half the danish population has one
28. what celebrity do you think is hot? oh god all of them
29. last movie you saw in theaters: Winter Soldier 
30. are you dating the same person you dated last year? didn’t date anyone last year
31. has someone you were dating ever cheated on you? ???
32. have you ever cheated? i wouldn’t if anyone ever would date me
33: have you kissed someone whose name starts with a ‘J’? no
34: what do you like to do in your spare time? read and watch tv
35: what’s the cutest thing someone’s ever done for you? idk man anytime someone says ‘this made me think of you’ i wanna hug them
36: who was the last person you texted? no clue, my brother maybe
37: how many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had? ???
38: how do you look right now? amazing duh
39: who’s the person who first comes to your mind when someone mentions “love”? my besties 


If I ever seem arrogant or anything like that, please know I’m joking 100% I have zero self confidence and I sometimes pretend that I think im dead cool and awesome because I’m actually terrible so it’s mildly funny



when hannibal gets caught and everyone realizes they’ve been eating humans i just want a montage of everyone’s face and fancy music playing in the back